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Create and modify JavaScript, CSS, DHTML and Ajax code
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As its name quite clearly suggests, Free JavaScript Editor is intended to create and modify JavaScript code.
Great news it supports technologies like CSS, DHTML and Ajax as well. Good to know that this editor supports enriching your code thanks to the availability of a library of JS objects, variables, functions and snippets. Luckily, the tool is well-documented. In this respect, there is plenty of useful information available from its web page.

In terms of interface design, the editor surely needs fixing. Unfortunately, this is not one of those tools you can use right away. So, you could need some time to explore the different features before you can find them without much trouble. There is a panel that allows you to browse through directories and the library, including such objects as buttons, menus, cursors and forms.

Luckily, you can find a lot of pre-built code in the form of snippets, so you will not need to spend much of your precious time on writing CSS attributes and HTML events from scratch. Similarly, it is excellent that it uses Intellisense to help you write more accurate JavaScript code. In addition to those features already mentioned, this tool supports others that definitely facilitate coding, such as syntax highlighting, combined color coding syntax and syntax verifier.

All in all, Free JavaScript Editor has all it takes to help you write JavaScript code accurately and effortlessly. The editor is not too demanding on resources, so you can use it on any machine. Its main drawback is related to the necessity of modernizing its GUI to make it more intuitive and easier to navigate. Finally, as you can tell from its name, there are no costs involved in using this product.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports JavaScript, CSS, DHTML and Ajax code
  • Great object library
  • Pre-built code available
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Combined color coding syntax
  • Syntax verifier
  • Intellisense support


  • Cluttered difficult-to-navigate interface
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